Neurosurgery Trainer- Electron Microscope Version

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Use the electron microscope to provide efficient and portable use. Note: The electron microscope is not used in the stereo microscope. The screen is 2D flat screen output. There is a difference in operation with the normal operation microscope. Please consult customer service before buying.



Flexibility, Version
5 million pixel 2D microelectronic mirror Two dimensional plane picture, more suitable for the direction of visual training in endoscopy 1/500x magnification, one key screenshot
Cranial, Deep-length
Four-layer Cerebral simulation depth selection, space challenge. Suede physical replica watches platform/dissect fixed platform
Constant Conversion as Wishes
Space aluminum against bacteria platforms 360° free adjustment handrail

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Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Product List

Intracranial Simulation Space x1
Space aluminum holder base x1
Electron microscope body x1
14 million pixel microscope camera x1
Picture output computer cable (usb) x1
PC software storage disk x1
Gloves, gauze quick fix ring x1
Twin needle 10/0 stitches for training x5
Training gauze roll x1


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